Chez l'Épicier Montréal

February 22, 2019

Dearest friends, clients, partners & colleagues,

With a heart full of emotion, I announce that on this day we are closing the doors of our Montreal restaurant. At the same time, I confirm that we will not renew the lease of our Palm Beach, Florida restaurant, ending July, 2019. After having invested all this ardor, worked without counting hours, the time has come for me to take a step back, to recharge my batteries and enjoy time with my loved ones.

It's almost 19 years since we welcomed you into our home. We can say that we have developed and revisited recipes; served plates, bowls, boards; traveled back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room; opened countless bottles; and poured glasses of divine nectar; and stored scarves and coats…The daily life in which we worked, always gives us as much exaltation and delight. What further satisfies us are your smiles and seeing joy in your eyes, when you cross the threshold overlooking the beautiful and historic St. Paul Street.

Looking back, I cannot help but think of you, colleagues of cooking and hospitality, you, the creators of happiness who toiled over our stoves, our kitchen, dining room and our cellars. I am very lucky to have been around you, and to see you evolve in this industry; this makes me infinitely proud.

Before long, we will leave for a new adventure that we have been planning for many months already; traveling the roads of Canada and the United States to meet artisans, creators, winemakers and producers. We do not really know the time frame, maybe a year, maybe two? We do know that we cannot wait to introduce these new friends to you. However, you will have the chance to follow us on social media channels through our epicurean meetings and adventures.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the trust and support you have shown me since the beginning. Know that this is only a “see you later” and bon Voyage since, when our tour ends, we will be back in Montreal for a new chapter just as tasty. In the meantime, my inspiration is still alive in Granby, at Attelier Archibald... We will be happy to see you there.


Laurent Godbout